Shakespeare in Schools: A project update

Dr Tom Rutter, Lecturer in Shakespeare and Renaissance Drama in the School of English, gives a brief update on the progress of his project.

March 11, and I’ve received an email from Julian Fisher at High Storrs about likely pupil numbers. We’ve all-but-confirmed a date this summer (I’d better not give it here just in case it changes) so things are progressing.

Julian also mentions the Shakespeare texts that will be most familiar to Y11s and Y12s, or most useful for their studies. These are Twelfth Night and Macbeth – an appealing blend of festive comedy and murderous violence!

The next milestone will be to advertise to students the module informed by this project that is to run in 2015-16. It’s a little strange to be doing this before the project has been carried out. However, my hope is that students interested in doing the module will apply to work on the project, creating a helpful synergy between the different stages.


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