Computer Science Undergraduate Ambassadors Module

Professor Guy Brown, Deputy Head of the Department of  Computer Science at the University of Sheffield, tells us about a new project which has been developed with support from the Engaged Curriculum initiative.
In the Department of Computer Science (DCS), we’re excited to be starting an Undergraduate Ambassadors scheme with the assistance of the Engaged Curriculum Fund. Our aim is to develop a new third-year module that gives undergraduates in DCS the opportunity to develop and deliver computer science teaching in local secondary schools. It will provide valuable experience to students who are considering a career in teaching, whilst also providing much-needed support to schools in the delivery of new GCSE and A-level Computer Science curricula. The module will be closely based on the one currently run by the School of Mathematics and Statistics, which has organised a successful “maths ambassador” scheme for several years.

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The Social Work Living Library Legacy Project

Robin Sen, Lecturer in Social Work in the Department of Sociological Studies, University of Sheffield, tells us about this project, which he is jointly undertaking, with Nora McClelland and Bev Jowett from the social work team.

Increasingly social work education has sought to involve, engage and make use of the ‘expertise through experience’ of those who have used social work services or cared for those who have. However, such involvement is not without its own challenges: going beyond tokenistic involvement , trying to ensure that service users’ contribution to course delivery is a positive experience for them and developing a meaningful learning experience for students are three key challenges. Continue reading