Developing effective partnerships with people with dementia in dementia education

David Reid, University Teacher in the School of Nursing and Midwifery, tells us about his project which has received support from the Engaged Curriculum Funding Stream.

The source of dementia expertise has changed. Since the late 1980s, when people with forms of dementia were often viewed as experiencing nothing more than a “living death”, opinion has shifted radically so that now a ‘living well with dementia’ agenda routinely underpins much academic health and social care, practice and public discourse. The voices of people living with dementia are commonly sought in empirical research studies – heard within the membership of some research teams, informed the first National Dementia Strategy for England and persuade us to think again about our knowledge of dementia through periodic national dementia awareness campaigns across a range of media. Continue reading

Looking back on ‘Filmmaking and the Engaged Curriculum’: Why I’m so proud of Born of Coal

Barnsley Main - the last remaining pithead in Barnsley

Barnsley Main – the last remaining pithead in Barnsley

Undergraduate student researcher Ryan Bramley from the School of English shares his experience of working on an Engaged Curriculum Funding Stream project.

Well, I did it. There were early summer mornings where I considered taking the easy option and calling it quits, but I made it in the end. Being out in the field; having conversations with real-life people; learning new things from previously unheard voices, then making a film to allow those voices to be heard by many more – it might seem odd to hear the doubts of a researcher doing something that they love, and you’d be right to question me for doing so. Continue reading

The Rothwell Charnel Chapel Project Online

Dr Elizabeth Craig-Atkins, Lecturer in Human Osteology in the Department of Archaeology tells us about her new project which has recently received support from the Engaged Curriculum Fund.

This project will create an interactive, online portal for dissemination of research on the medieval charnel chapel and ossuary at Rothwell, Northamptonshire to students, researchers and the public. The support received from the Engaged Curriculum Fund will allow us to create a website for project-related materials ranging from video interviews with Rothwell residents to the findings of ongoing research. This resource will have two key audiences: students in the Archaeology Department, for whom the site will form an engaged research case study and a place to disseminate their own research on the charnel chapel; and Rothwell community members and the general public. Continue reading