Listening Voices and Telling Stories

Listening Voices and Telling Stories is a project supported by the Engaged Curriculum funding stream, led by Dr Shirin Teifouri and Dr Kate Pahl at the University of Sheffield.

This project aims to investigate the connection between poetry, education and life stories. It draws on the ‘Storying Sheffield’ model, but engages with new audiences, in this case, women from different ethnic backgrounds and works in a new area, Rotherham, more specifically in a community library setting. It combines the pedagogy of constructing the space collaboratively with the women, together with a passion for poetry, literary texts, life stories and education.

The project’s main aims are as follows:

  1. To document our existing project in Rotherham through recording and putting together a series of clear and transparent project plans that show our way of working, including ideas for sessions, poems we have used, key themes, and methodologies, with a focus on writing, resilience and transformation
  2. To create an archive of writing including personal writing which will be available on a blog and in a booklet. This would include published as well as unpublished poets and writer.
  3. To pilot a new version of our project, in a new setting, to see if the model can be replicated elsewhere.

More information about this project is available on the Storying Sheffield blog, which can be found here.


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