Priorities for the Engaged Curriculum

Over the past few weeks we have detailed some of the projects which are currently being supported by the Engaged Curriculum Project at the University of Sheffield. As we move forward into a new phase of the funding scheme, I thought it might be useful to outline what we see as key priorities for the Engaged Curriculum work. In order to clarify the purpose of the project, we have produced five broad aims, as follows:

  • To bring about an organic change of academic culture and embed an awareness of engagement in the curriculum within the ethos of the University.
  • To further develop existing engaged curriculum activity across the institution, to ensure it is embedded and sustainable.
  • To support the transition of existing engaged activities from extra-curricular to curricular.
  • To provide opportunities for individuals and teams across the institution to share best practice in the area of engagement in learning and teaching.
  • To support recognition of engaged activities within the curriculum, through a variety of formal and informal channels.

We are working in a variety of different ways to address each of the above priorities. Sheffield has a long history of engaged learning and teaching, and as such this project is building upon a strong foundation, and seeks to develop this existing strength to ensure that all students have the opportunity within their learning to address real world concerns, put their subject-specific knowledge into context and experience exposure to external inputs.

We will be continuing to work on the above priorities, which will no doubt evolve as the project progresses and the University develops related initiatives, such as Achieve More. This is an exciting time for us, the University and perhaps most importantly for the students studying here at Sheffield.


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