Evaluating the Engaged Curriculum?


Jason Slade, a Department of Town and Regional Planning postgraduate student, tells us about his work on the department’s Community Engagement Initiative which is supported by the Engaged Curriculum Funding Stream.

The Department of Town and Regional Planning’s (TRP) Community Engagement Initiative has been launched this year and involves staff and students working with residents in Westfield, a disadvantaged community in South-East Sheffield, to help them plan a sustainable future for their local area. Westfield has received £1m in Big Lottery funding to be invested in neighbourhood improvements over the next 10 years and Dr Lee Crookes and Dr Andy Inch have been involved in establishing what is intended to become an ongoing, long-term partnership between TRP and the community that endeavours to provide mutual benefits for local residents and both staff and students in the department. The initiative represents a means of exploring the potential contribution of engaged action learning and research as a core feature of planning education at Sheffield, and as a contribution to the development of the engaged university. Continue reading